We like to perform interpolation to make a better soil map. When WE do interpolation we want and expect something similar in between the observed points.

Musicians also do interpolation, but they want something quite different between the elements.

According to Wikipedia, interpolation was done differently according to different genre:

  • Classical Music– an abrupt change in elements, followed almost immediately by a continuation of the first idea.
  • Pop Music– the addition of new material in a performance or recording of a previously existing piece of music.
  • Rap Music– using a melody – or portions of a melody (often with modified lyrics) – from a previously recorded song, but re-recording the melody instead of sampling it.

An example from Hip Hop is I’ll be Missing You which interpolates from Every Breath You Take

In the music industry, sampling and interpolation are related:

  • A sample is a piece of a recording reused in another recording. It usually gives credit to both the authors of the work and the performers of the original recording.
  • An interpolation is a replayed piece of a recording to avoid copyright.

Although some say in reality there is not much different.


I wonder how music with covariates would sound – we’ve had fractal music and ARIMA music.

This is another argument for using the more general term ‘spatial prediction’.


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